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Starkey Hearing Foundation

We proudly support the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation employs the power of hearing to demonstrate compassion and enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities globally by supporting them in reaching their full potential.

As esteemed members of the Starkey Hearing Alliance, our nationwide group of hearing care professionals are at the forefront of advancing healthier lifestyles for people. Our Alliance Members specialize in fitting Starkey Technologies' cutting-edge hearing instruments, ensuring that you receive unrivaled technology, supreme comfort, and exceptional features.

Our Alliance Members were elated to contribute to the Starkey Hearing Foundation's initiative of providing hearing aids to more than 7,400 hearing-impaired children and adults in Mexico City, Piedras Negras, and Honduras's San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, and La Ceiba. Our Members raised $76,500, allowing one of our own to join the Foundation's team of audiologists and staff in fitting each recipient with their personalized hearing devices.

The Foundation conducts dozens of hearing missions annually both nationally and internationally to achieve its goal of enabling the world to hear. The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides and fits over 100,000 hearing aids each year, pledging to fit one million hearing aids this decade. For additional information on the Starkey Hearing Foundation, please visit

By selecting Best For Hearing for your hearing aid, you are not only transforming your life for the better but also contributing to improving the lives of millions of people in need in some small way.

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